Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Eclipse Open IoT Challenge 2.0 - Update #4 (A glimpse on few errors and a little demo)

Hi people.First off, we wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2016.This will be our very first update in the new year.So let's get started!
This post is about showing you the glimpses of the mistakes that we committed uptil now.Why showing mistakes you might be thinking?Because we have earned them!And they play crucial part in learning and also so that we may not commit them again and more so because we promised to show them in one of our last updates!

What you see above is a snap of a plot of CPU utilisation which is hosted on IBM bluemix node server.We chose CPU utilisation as a substitute for ECG data as of now.Plotting ECG will be similar to this.We didn't go with some random data for the same.To get this we stumbled upon following few errors:
This was when connecting to mongoDB database in the local machine.

We realized this was local machine problem and sought to use MongoDB compose by IBM bluemix.The results were great initially.Connected smoothly.

But the Json data was not being saved.

So after few correction in the app.js which is responsible for controlling processes on the cloud in our case, it was resolved.

This is the log on Bluemix resulting from find query on the database.The result is intentionally kept this way by applying conditions on the query to suit our purpose of plotting.

Following snapshot shows publishing CPU utitisation data and subscription as well as saving on the cloud.

But wait!Time has yet not come for celebrations for we have another problem.This:

The plot is not as we expected it to be.The problem that we later found was with the plotly library usage.The arguements that we were passing were not in the correct order.

Finally we got our desired plot.You  can view it yourself by visiting the link http://medic.mybluemix.net/ecg .Imagine yourself as a doctor and virtually you are able to view somebody's ECG(not actually right now) data!You will be also able to recommend medications to this patient with the help of IOT VAIDYA.Currently we are working on the same.

1.The website is under development phase.
2.You might have to wait for few seconds before the plot is loaded.
3.If the link is not working please understand that it's in development stage and the app has not been re-staged yet.

This was it for now.Catch us on the next update that'll be soon.Meanwhile please follow and support us on twitter @iot_vaidya

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