Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Eclipse Open IoT Challenge 2.0 - Update #6 : First Look

Greetings fellow IoTians! We are ready with the first look of IoT Vaidya.We are progressing day by day and are very excited to show you the first version of IoT Vaidya's website.As is our aim, we want to bridge the gap between patients in rural areas and the doctors far away in the cities.The website is the field area of the doctors where they can view patients report,analyse it, send feedback or prescription and a lot more.While new features are being added to it, please take a look at IOT VAIDYA v1.0!

NOTE: The patients in the demo below are not real, neither are their diagnosis reports.This is just for the purpose of demonstration.The actual report will be published from our IoT Vaidya Diagnosis Hardware.

List of Patients

Notice a notification-bell to the upper-right corner.Doctor is notified whenever new patient is added or if any report is updated.

Patient's Report

The patient can send the pictures of cuts,burns,bites or any such thing which the doctor might want to see.

The current solution takes Temperature,Pulse-Rate,ECG and GSR as the parametes.Many more can be similarly added.


The doctor can send the feedback/prescription on the patient's phone.He writes in the text editor shown above and it is sent in the form of SMS to the patient in the regional language.

Translation :"Vinod you are suffering from maleria"

As you can see, the SMS received above is in Hindi Language.Likewise it can be in any other language according to patient's region.

The website also works fine in the mobile view.Showing few snaps of the same.

Mobile View

That's it for now.The entire documentation will be posted soon as we come closer to the completion which will be very soon.The project will also be uploaded on github so stay in touch with IOT VAIDYA.You can also view our progress on tumblr here :


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