Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Eclipse Open IoT Challenge 2.0 - Update #1

There is a huge shortage of doctors in the rural areas; a huge imbalance exists in the number of doctors working in the rural areas as compared to the urban areas. This situation of lack of man power has been further worsened by unwillingness of doctors to work in these regions. In such kind of a scenario, getting basic health checkups is difficult and regular health checkup for people is a distant dream.
Enter IOT VAIDYA! - An IoT Medic which helps bridging gap between remote areas and doctors."Vaidya" is the hindi translation for Doctor.This is a standalone solution meant specifically for people living in remote places where there is shortage of doctors.It covers all the necessary steps right from the basic diagnosis to the prescription generation.
We are competing in Eclipse Open IoT Challenge 2.0 with this project.This is our very first article in the series of the updates about our progress in the project.If you have any kind of question or suggestion feel free to mail us at iotvaidya@gmail.com .We will get back with new updates soon!

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