Thursday, 24 December 2015

Eclipse Open IoT Challenge 2.0 - Update #2

Hi everyone!We are back with the second update for the Open IoT Challenge 2.0.As we have started with the hardware and software implementation,we tried to sum up our basic idea of the prototype in a block diagram.
IoT Vaidya - an IoT Medic
While we have given general description,we have not mentioned exact building blocks that we are using.Currently, we are playing with Raspberry Pi and Eclipse Kura to build the IOT Gateway.On the cloud side, we are presently using IBM Bluemix's IOTF service and it's node server.Database is being managed by MongoDB Compose ,also provided by IBM Bluemix.

TEST RUN: Firstly,we did simple test run to get the feel of MQTT implementation.We ran paho-mqtt client in python to publish JSON data to the bluemix cloud and a nodejs application on the same cloud to subscribe the data.It worked!!
Secondly,the MongoDB database is smoothly wired up with the application and it is getting data inserted and pulled.

Above achievements were not without any glitches.We did stumble upon few errors,We corrected them and got them up and running.We will be updating specifically about those errors in one of the upcoming blogs.For these updates, follow IoT Vaidya on twitter @iot_vaidya.Suggestions are welcome at

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